Family Partnership

The LIFE Model is built on a strong partnership between parents and school staff.  

Qualities we look for in our LIFE Families:

  1. Parents who want to take an active role in the education of their children.
  2. Parents who expect excellence in the school system and are prepared to contribute their time and talents.  
  3. Parents who want their children to have the benefits of a customized curriculum, 1:1 attention, & creative, out of the box, learning opportunities.
  4. Families who want to prepare their children to thrive in tomorrow’s world while being proficient and actively involved in the world.  Hi-tech and hi-touch.  World class academics, life skills, and character development.
  5. Parents who want strong academics and strong social emotional wellness.  We strive for a fully integrated educational program, featuring “enrichment” activities as part of our core curriculum (i.e. art, music, athletics, gardening, coding, computer and keyboarding skills, baking, sewing, woodwork, drama, yoga, foreign languages).
  6. Parents who are willing to lead by example through trying hard, working together, admitting mistakes, and always remaining open to learning new things.

What is the “finished-product” of an LIFE education? 

  • LIFE graduates are others-focused, compassionate, generous, grateful, curious, big-thinking, humble, hard-working, confident, creative, self-starting, goal-minded, and solutions-oriented servant leaders.
  • LIFE graduates can be, quite simply, anything they choose to be: teachers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, scientists, farmers, innovators, activists, artists, parents. But most importantly, our goal is for LIFE graduates to be…happy.
  • Young adults who are enthusiastically involved in making the world a better place by shining their own unique light wherever they go. They embrace the opportunity to infuse their individual path of choice with passion, excellence, honor, and joy.
  • Life-long learners who influence their surroundings with goodness and kindness as they work hard to pursue their own personal and professional dreams.
  • Young men and women who will be leaders/active members of their communities and looking to build their own families, while engaged with civic issues, and academia, business or the professions.