The LIFE Faith Philosophy

LIFE is a non-denominational global school.  We believe that every soul on Earth is unified under One God, our Universal Creator.  We also respect that there are many different faiths in this world and many ways of connecting to the Creator. 

In order to respect all mankind and honor the commitment of our diverse families to different faiths, we do not incorporate any celebrations or festivals into our school activities or curriculum that are specific to any one faith.  (For example, we do not incorporate Valentine’s Day, Yom Kippur, or Ramadan into our themes or teachings.)  We certainly honor and acknowledge that each family has their own faith practices, we simply do not impose those beliefs or practices on our students.  We believe that each family’s faith is their own personal prerogative and we honor each family’s choice in how to raise their children with their specific faith-based beliefs.

We do observe a daily moment of silence that was instituted by the United States each morning as we begin our day at school.  During this moment of silence, each person is encouraged to meditate and pray in whatever way is taught in their family home, expressing thanks and asking for Divine Assistance from Above.   We also incorporate gratitude into our morning routine, expressing thanks to our Creator, and set our intention to create a great day focused on learning, growth, and giving our best effort.

At LIFE, we believe that each person is created in the image of our Creator, with a spark of the Divine within us.  Therefore each of us has the potential for infinite growth.  We are truly limitless, and our job in this world is to strive to grow and improve every day, in an effort to learn more and step into our God-given potential, utilizing the special gifts that we’ve been given to make the world a better place.

Based on this Faith Philosophy, we strive to conduct ourselves from a high moral code that is expressed through 7 Guiding Principles.