Thank you for your interest in contributing to our program!

There are several ways you can support our mission to radically revolutionize global education.


Make an anonymous cash donation today :  PAYPAL

Tax Credit Donation:  

Individual Tax Donation

AZ state tax individual, or you can use ask for more information.  (I think we need to put more description here…and also for the corporate tax)

Corporate Tax Donation

Corporate Tax Credit –  link to email to request more information.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Leave your mark on our school grounds by sponsoring one of our grounds areas today.  Your sponsorship will include a commemorative plaque that will be displayed on our school grounds.  – Then a list of available sponsorship items.  Form capture with plaque information and a link to paypal account to complete transaction.

to do this I need the information for the form…

Volunteer: Provide information on how people can volunteer at the school, this can also have annual community day information.  We will need to put description here and add the link to email request link to email to request more information.

Donations: This is where I would link to any teachers Amazon wish lists, or school wish list items – materials, hand sanitizer, etc.  If you do the Amazon wish lists – people can just send to the school from the items you control.

Once we have the list we can put the link here