Early Learning Center

The LIFE ELC in Scottsdale is now open with limited registration.

We are thrilled to announce that our LIFE Preschool Class is now open, joyfully serving children ages 3 – 4.

Our Infant and Toddler Waiting List is available, with plans to open in late 2022.

  • Infant classroom (Six Weeks – 12 months)
  • Toddlers (12 – 36 months)

We are a boutique preschool and we pride ourselves in small class sizes, with each child being treated as a very special member of our family.

The LIFE ELC curriculum is an integration of academics, life skills, social emotional development, and a strong, happy wholesome foundation. We feature a loving, nurturing environment that promotes holistic education and a love of learning as the critical building blocks for lifelong academic excellence. Our highly trained, professional staff consists of seasoned educators who specialize in early childhood development.

What makes the LIFE ELC different?

At LIFE Early Learning Center, our curriculum is designed to equip our students to thrive in today’s world, while simultaneously preparing them to be the Leaders of Tomorrow. Our curriculum includes strong moral values, traditional academic preparation, social-emotional wellness, daily life skills, and character development, all within a child-focused, loving and creative learning environment.

LIFE aims to give our children the gift of childhood, shielded and sheltered from the propaganda of the current political landscape.

Attachment Model

At the heart of the LIFE ELC is our Primary Caregiver Program, based on the Attachment Theory. Pioneered by leading researchists in the fields of Human Psychology and Early Childhood, the theory maintains that young children need to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for optimal social and emotional development. Children carry the lesson they learn about the nature of trust with them for the remainder of life. For this reason we strive for continuity of care.

As much as possible, our children will have the same Primary Caregiver (PC) for their time with us. We carefully select staff who understand the importance of their relationships with children. LIFE PCs start out with our Toddlers as they graduate from our Infant room and travel the entire Early Childhood journey through with the same group of children, focused on nurturing special relationships with the child and their family.


Parents contribute to a Sustainability Fund each year that allows us to minimize teacher turnover and attract amazingly qualified, gifted, and loving teachers. In turn, this allows our children to learn more and travel further in their development, because less time is needed each year to develop new bonds between teachers and students.

Social Emotional Development

When a child is loved and feels safe in his environment, this sets the stage for all the other physical, neurological, and gross motor development that is so important in the early years.


Our focus in this area includes:

  • Building a healthy self-concept, and a true sense of caring for others
  • Learning to interact with peers, be a member of a group away from home, respect other people and property, adapt to routines, and follow directions
  • Building strong social-emotional skills and learning to process, accept and express emotions in a healthy manner
  • Developing creative self-expression

Strong Academic Foundations

Our project-based learning system is designed to create the highest standards in literacy and numeracy outcomes for kindergarten readiness.


A nurtured environment that blends child-led interest with adult guidance helps to foster a lifelong love of learning. Our trained LIFE educators work with your children to develop independence, curiosity, resourcefulness, linguistic and perceptual abilities, plus gross and fine motor skills that develop into coordination, use of manipulatives, and penmanship.

Plant-Based Meals

LIFE ELC offers high quality, plant-based snacks and meals, prepared fresh from scratch daily on site by our in-house team. It is our belief that not only must we take care of our minds, but also nourish our bodies using delicious and healthy ingredients that keep our whole body strong and vivacious.

LIFE is proud to offer the only organic, plant-based, sustainable school program in Arizona, and one of the only ones in the country.

We strive to grow as much of our own food on site as possible in our organic gardens.

Wholesome Family Values

Wholesome family values begin at birth. In our LIFE ELC programs, we honor our Creator, celebrate the morals that our country was founded on, and raise our students to be proud, yet humble servant-leaders. We’re proud of our heritage and proud of the difference we can make in the world.


LIFE honors and upholds the United States Constitution and the democratic system of which this country is so justly proud.  As with religion and other personal beliefs, we leave medical decisions in the hands of each individual family.  We respect each family’s right to do their own due diligence and choose what is best for their bodies and their children.  


At LIFE, we believe that the world is our classroom. Starting at the Toddler age, multiple enrichment activities are planned throughout the year designed to enhance the themes and curriculum, allowing our learners to begin exploring the world around them, while furthering their early childhood development.

Keeping You in the Loop

We work hard to keep you updated on the progress, development, and activities of your little one throughout the day.


We share fun snapshots of their precious moments throughout the day to help you stay connected. We also log and share their eating, sleeping, and diaper details.


In addition, we post our monthly menu, weekly curriculum, and daily schedule.


Our Primary Caregivers and support team believe in open communication as one of the many keys to the ongoing success of your child, so if there is anything you’d ever like to ask or discuss…just ask!


To request more information on our LIFE ELC or schedule a tour, click here.