Classroom Philosophy

The LIFE Classroom Approach is built on eight fundamental principles:

1. At LIFE, we start with the end in mind in everything we do.

Your children won’t spend long hours sitting in desks or blindly memorizing useless data. Much of the time, they will be having so much fun through hands-on exploration that they won’t even realize they are doing any formal learning, yet the end result will trump every other educational method that exists. We are on a mission to break the mold of status quo education where conformity is king.

2. LIFE maintains very high standards of academic excellence through cultivating the individual creative brilliance of each child. 

Our end goal is highly educated, compassionate, happy and heart-centered, solutions-oriented leaders who are passionate about making the world a better place.  Every decision we make is with this goal in mind.

LIFE Classroom

3. LIFE children receive extensive individual attention to assess and support growth, even as the environment encourages intrinsic motivation and extended periods of concentration. 

The materials are geared toward specific stages of child development and multi-age classrooms bring a sense of belonging and community. Across their education, each child will have the opportunity to develop the life skills necessary to succeed in life as happy, centered, passionate, and responsible humans. To accomplish this objective, we proudly feature Project-Based Learning as a staple of our classroom.

4. LIFE education is a way of life that nurtures and educates the whole child, including physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellness.

This supports and encourages them to develop into their best possible selves. Children raised in this environment will grow to develop a love of learning and will in-turn continue on a lifelong journey of personal growth. It is a child-centered, holistic environment where children are given flexibility  to choose work based on their developmental needs and interests. The teacher works to establish core values of respect and collaboration while encouraging independence. Through careful observation, the teacher links children to what they need in the environment and guides them along their learning journey. The child thrives through the integration of mental, spiritual, and physical energies.

5. LIFE offers an innovative learning process that empowers children to be independent. 

We teach our children how to think for themselves, offer self-correcting activities that promote freedom and, self-discipline that arises from within. Our aim is to empower children by teaching them to do things themselves rather than to do things for them. Children learn self-discipline and care for themselves, each other and the environment, equipping them to handle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

6. LIFE is keenly aware that children learn through creative play. 

Running, having fun, exercising, and burning energy are all critically important to a child’s overall well-being and ability to absorb new information. At LIFE, we foster a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor activities, group activities and individual learning, textbook and tactile education. We sift every decision through the filter of the ultimate wellness of the child.

8. All children will need corrective guidance and “discipline” at some point. 

We offer healthy boundaries and help each child find their way back onto the path while loving them and gently helping them to see the right choices.  Every child is good and wants to do good, given the right environment, nurturing, and feedback. This isn’t always a fast process, and definitely requires patience, especially depending on the prior experience and environment of the individual child. But it does provide the best overall outcome of a thriving child, given the right support and guidance from school and parents.

9. LIFE is built and developed with the needs of the individual child in mind and is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach to education. 

Therefore, no two classrooms or two school years will ever be exactly the same. We provide freedom and independence within a structured environment and respect the natural development of each child. This philosophy is a preparation for life.

World Classroom