An Education Revolution

How do we change the global landscape?

By changing the children.


And how do we change the children?  By transforming the way they see the world. 


But the world won’t achieve long-term, lasting change if we only transform one small section of the planet.  This is a “Go Big or Go Home” type of global revolution, because changing just one neighborhood, city, state, or even country will no longer work due to constant infiltration from the outside world. 

Life as we know it has changed.  Quiet suburbia is an era gone by.  But this is a good thing from a revolutionary perspective, and the timing is perfect.  We have an emerging generation of young pioneers ready to make their mark on the planet, and they are supported by a trifecta of resources never before seen in human history: wealth, desire, and access (to information, wealth, and each other). 


Our Millennial World is so closely linked via technology, social media, and a craving to connect that we finally actually have the potential power to affect Thailand from Tucson and Bombay from Boston. 

So, where is the breakdown?

One word: education.  It’s a mind-bender that we are still trying to “service” this generation of new-world thinkers with an educational system that is over 200-years old and never actually worked to begin with.  

Education Now vs Then

How is it possible, in today’s constantly evolving modern world, that education is the only industry that hasn’t been forced to upgrade?

While every other industry has been required to innovate or die, the one sector that actually produces our next generation of humans is still running on antiquated, ill-performing philosophies and methods. 


Virtually every thought leader on the planet has vocally shared their dismay at the current educational engine of the modern world, along with their ideas on how to change it.  LIFE is committed to bringing these voices together, to create a task force that changes the world by birthing a new era of education that prepares and equips our children to thrive as our next generation of leaders.

LIFE is more than a school.

It’s a movement: an entirely new and completely comprehensive system with the potential to revolutionize global education, starting at home. 

How can it be that the United States of America, once considered the leader of the Free World and most powerful nation on Earth, has now fallen to twelfth (at best) in global education rankings?

How did we get so lost in politics, bureaucracy, and bipartisan blame that we can no longer see a light at the end of our national tunnel, and our children are left to carry the burden and pay the ultimate price for our blind consumerism, greed, and self-preservation? 


This is no longer an issue of electing new government officials, or staging pickets, walkouts and strikes; the confusion and corruption that has been building and brewing for over half a century can no longer be changed from the inside out.  With trillion-dollar deficits and everyone fighting to make sure their turf is protected, even the most well-meaning patriots are no match for the abyss once known as the American government. 

Fighting to transform the system is a battle that no one can win.

The web is so thick, no one even knows where the silk strings start and end. 


We’ve seen the byproduct of our existing “machine”: over half of all deaths are from cancer, heart-disease or some other totally preventable illness, 40% of Americans are one paycheck away from losing their homes, hospital or medical care provider negligence is the #2 cause of death, 85% of the workforce are in jobs they hate just to make ends meet, over half of all marriages end in divorce, one out of every two Americans are on prescription drugs of some sort, 45% of baby boomers have zero dollars in retirement savings, and we’re now averaging nearly one school shooting per week in our Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. 


The reality is shocking, nauseating, and heartbreaking.


But that doesn’t mean we have to give up.  In fact, we refuse to give up.  We will not quit on this country that we love so much. 

We will not give up on the principles, values, and philosophies that our nation was built on.

Because we have such a deep love for this country, and everything it stands for, we are committed to finding a solution that allows us to climb back to the top as the proud, strong, honest global leader, who acts from integrity for the greatest good of all.


But we cannot do this by joining the existing fight and simply adding more noise.  Beating on the doors of the United States Congress is simply picking a scab.  We do not profess to have a solution to the current American crisis; however, we do believe that we can change tomorrow by starting with today. 


Just as a little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness and a few tiny acorns can become a whole forest, we believe that by starting with the children, we can raise a new generation of thinkers who are simply never sucked into our current economy of self-destruction.  We must come with something totally new and different, a breath of fresh air from the outside.  We must build an alternative platform that is in no way dependent on the existing failing systems and offer new solutions that are available to all.  

How do we change the world?

By starting with the next generation and changing how our children think.  By transforming the way they see the world.  If we start when they’re young and groom their mindsets with principles, values, philosophies, and curriculum that will equip them to thrive, lead, and serve as they grow, they will quite simply transform our world, naturally.  Our plan is to penetrate the US with a two-armed solution, one on the ground and one from above:

  • A grassroots movement: Build a national network of individual schools within targeted communities and expand as quickly as possible, while sustaining a strong foundation. 

  • Airstrike: Build an “Education HQ” to serve as a support system to any American school in need.  We will have a centralized team to assist existing American schools who want to implement our principles, curriculum, and tools.

We are all in this together: one nationonly indivisible if we stand together.