Recommended Video Clips

These short video clips will explain the need for an evolution in our educational system.  You or your child may be able to relate to many of these stories. (Thanks to Sarah Teleshevsky for compiling and sharing these clips many years ago.)

  1. Animal School entire clip (5m, 19s) 
  2. I Sued the School System
  3. The Sum Total of Education: whole clip (2m, 36s) 
  4. How did current thinking on education develop? First 5 minutes, then stop to analyze 
  5. Child-Directed Education – whole clip (2m, 36s) 
  6. Cherishing Childhood – 0:40 – 3:40
  7. Helping Youth Re-Enter School – First 3m, 35s; 12:00-14:00; then from 18:00-19:00